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Do you find 2D building plans confusing? Now you can easily understand a building design and function with interactive 3D. View both the external and internals of the building from any angle or step inside for a virtual walkthrough.

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Interactive 3D Building Models -

Interactive 3D helps people to understand a space faster/easier than static 2D.
It also looks amazing!

Get your own interactive 3D model within 1-day, at a fraction of the cost that you would expect.

These 3D models require no software download, no app, or any previous knowledge. The technology is completely cloud-based and runs on any browser (requires webgl which is found in all newer browsers) and all devices.

Easy as 1, 2 ,3

How it Works

Upload your 2D Floor Plans
Simply upload your floor plan via our website in PDF or image file format.
Your Model is Processed
Once a secure payment is received we'll start to process your 3D model.
You Receive your 3D Model Link
When completed we will send you an email with the 3D model link that you can share or embed into a website.


External Only

1 - 500 m² floor area (1 to 3,767 sqft) $399
501 - 1000 m² (3,768 to 10,763 sqft) $499
1001 - 1500 m² (10,763 to 16,145 sqft) $799
> 1500 m² (16,145 sqft) Request Quote

2-3 day turnaround

External & Internal

1 - 500 m² floor area (1 to 3,767 sqft) $499
501 - 1000 m² (3,768 to 10,763 sqft) $749
1001 - 1500 m² (10,763 to 16,145 sqft) $999
> 1500 m² (16,145 sqft) Request Quote

5-7 day turnaround

We will match generic finishes as requested by you for but for exact custom product finishes we charge extra. You will supply us with a finishes schedule from your architect or interior designer that we can match your model too.
Hosting on our servers at 0.04c per square meter, per month for 3, 6, 12 or 24 months. Models cannot be self-hosted. Models will be removed once expired.
REVISIONS + $49 We will fix any structural mistakes made by us free of charge. Any additional structural or appearance changes different from the original floor plan are deemed as revisions.
Include a high quality visualisation CGI 3D render

High Quality Visualisations of your 3D Model

Using the 3D model we created for the interactive 3D experience we can efficiently also create a high-quality CGI 3D visualisation render image. You can use these images for your marketing (web & print) or simply use it to help visualise what the final design will look like.

Cost $499 USD 1-day turnaround
Excludes the cost of the 3D model. This special pricing only when packaged with a 3D model order.


View Some Examples

View some of our latest Interactive 3D models


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Get started converting your 2D floor plans into interactive 3D models today. Simply upload your plans to start.