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Visual Interactive Real Estate Marketing

Allow users to explore real estate with a fully interactive and dynamic web-based navigator that can be viewed directly or embedded into any website

all your rich media into one interactive web experience for your property

Interactive Visual Navigation

Our interactive solutions offer users a unique immersive exploring experience for real estate, events, resorts & hotels,  with a dynamically driven rich media web interface that allows for easy navigation by mouse or touch. Once an individual space is selected viewers are immersed in an interactive rich media experience with the help of 2D & 3D floor plans, virtual tours, videos, images and more.

Interactive Hero Web Interface

Easy hero page navigation via desktop or mobile web browsers. Simply mouse over or touch an area for more information.

Immersive Rich Media

Include any kind of rich media like 2D & 3D floor plans, 3D tours, videos, 360° panoramic views, images and more.

Back-end Management Portal

Intuitive back-end administration app which allows you to easily change details like sales status, sizes, configuration and more. Changes are live and instantly displayed on the front-end viewer.

Embed into your Website

The responsive HTML 5 front-end viewer is easily integrated into any website.

Accelerate your sales cycle

By providing your prospects with a complete range of inspection tools they have all the information they need to make a buying decision.

Attract more prospects to your website

Prospects will be attracted to your website that offers in-depth information to assist them in making that important decision. 

Increase the engagement time a consumer spends on your site

Increase the time a consumer spends on your site and engage users on a number of levels.

Tracking & analytics for each project and individual units

Access to rich data tracking & analytics related to each project or individual spaces.

API Integrations

Integration with PropertyBase CRM (Salesforce) allows for synchronization of data without the need for double entry.

Flexible for multiple industries & projects, big or small

Scalable to work with property development, commercial sales & lease, hotels & resorts no matter big or small.


Manage your sales and stock items

VizNavigator offers customers the ability to visually browse your available stock list to make an informed purchase decision. No more looking through lists or price sheets, now they can instantly see what's available and at what price. Sales agents & marketers can instantly see what stock is available and make instant reservations. Internally staff can make price changes or change the sale status of stock items that are updated live.

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Flexible for any industry

Commercial Office Stacks
office space by level, size and availability

Commercial Office Stacks

Commercial office building owners, property managers and agents can now have an all-in-one building explorer that allows a prospect client to easily explore the building for matching tenancy requirements. 

Off-The-Plan Developments
Apartments, townhouses, house & land, commercial, industrial

Off-The-Plan Developments

Give prospect clients an engagement tool that allows them to understand your off-the-plan developments better and brings your ideas to life with interactive 3D.

Interactive Site Plans
Land sales, resort site maps, events, schools, colleges, universities, parks, tourists areas

Interactive Site Plans

Convert your static site maps into engaging, informative and easy to understand interactive site maps.


Resorts & Hotels
Facility site maps and Room 3D Tours

Resorts & Hotels

Allow customers to experience your resort/hotel as if there are physically there. By spending time and exploring they build an emotional connection that will make booking a holiday easier.


site plan

Interactive Experience for Land Sales Display Office.

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We created a web-based interactive land sales experience for Serenity, North Carolina, USA. This project…

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apartment views interactive project

Apartment Views Interactive Project for ‘The Vanda’ Toowong

Published on September 30, 2022

Aerial photography and an interactive view explorer tool for ‘The Vanda’ Toowong residential development at…

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Interactive Land Sales Map for Sanctuary Cove 38000 views

Interactive Land Sales Map for Sanctuary Cove – 38000 views!

Published on March 1, 2022

Our in-house developed interactive land sales navigation project for Sanctuary Cove went live in 2017…

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