Brochures and Display Cards for Sanctuary Cove Property Sales

April 5, 2024 - 1 minute read

Client: Mulpha, a property developer.

Project Aim & Problem: The aim of the project was to enhance the marketing collateral for Sanctuary Cove Property Sales, specifically focusing on brochures and display cards. Mulpha sought to address the challenge of effectively communicating the unique selling points of their properties to potential buyers through visually appealing and informative materials.


  1. Brochure Graphic Design: Visual Spaces meticulously crafted engaging and visually striking brochures that effectively showcased the features and amenities of Sanctuary Cove properties.


  1. Brochures: Visual Spaces delivered professionally designed brochures that captured the essence of Sanctuary Cove, highlighting its luxurious lifestyle and premium offerings.

Benefits: The revamped brochures and display cards provided by Visual Spaces enabled Mulpha to present Sanctuary Cove properties in a compelling manner, thereby attracting more attention from prospective buyers. This resulted in increased interest and engagement, ultimately driving sales and furthering Mulpha’s objectives of promoting premium real estate offerings.

Being a one-stop visual digital agency allows us to not only do graphic design but also to capture and create all the visual content like photography, 3D render masterplans, 3D external/internal renders, site plans, floorplans and more.