Project Showcase: 33 Scarborough St, Southport

April 24, 2024 - Less than a minute read

Project Description:

Visual Content for Commercial Leasing Campaign: 33 Scarborough St, Southport


1. 3D Facade Render

3D CGI render of what the completed renovated building design would look like.

2. Video Production

Create a video showcasing the building in its current state of development progress. The video includes agent intros and outros, drone aerials, graphic design, and music.

3. Photography

External, internal and drone photography


Client Name: CBRE, Republik, Victo

Industry: Commercial Office Leasing, Property Development

Project Type: Commercial leasing campaign

Project Duration: 2 stages with 1 week turnaround for each

Project Brief:

Create visual content that can be used for an office leasing campaign.