External 3D CGI Renders for Commercial Building on the Gold Coast

April 1, 2024 - 1 minute read

Client: Niecon, a Property Developer

Project Aim & Problem:

The aim of the project was to provide Niecon, a leading Property Developer, with high-quality 3D CGI renders for the Gold Coast Life Sciences Centre. Niecon sought to accurately visualise their project to promote sales of office spaces. The problem at hand was the challenge of effectively communicating the vision and potential of the Gold Coast Life Sciences Centre without compelling visual representation.


  • 3D CGI Rendering: Visual Spaces engaged in creating external 3D CGI renders of the Gold Coast Life Sciences Centre, capturing its architectural details and design elements.


  • High-Quality Renders: Visual Spaces delivered meticulously crafted 3D CGI renders, showcasing the Gold Coast Life Sciences Centre from various angles and perspectives. These renders accurately depicted the architectural vision and design intricacies of the project.


  • Enhanced Visualization: Niecon benefited from the project outcomes by effectively visualizing the Gold Coast Life Sciences Centre, facilitating clearer communication with potential investors and stakeholders. The high-quality renders provided a compelling representation of the project’s potential, aiding in garnering interest and support.