Matterport 3D CGI Virtual Tours

October 14, 2021 - Less than a minute read
3D CGI virtual tours 1800px
3D CGI virtual tours 1800px

By now you would know Matterport as an amazing virtual tour solution for existing spaces but what about unbuilt spaces? Well, now we can create stunning 3D CGI virtual tours of off-plan, unbuilt spaces within the Matterport platform. This means you get the full set of Matterport features like the famous dollhouse view, accurate measurements and seamless movement transitions.

The pure 3D CGI virtual tours are not the same as virtual staging (a service we also offer) which is the process of overlaying 3D furniture onto a photographic scan of an existing space. These are 100% CGI. This includes the building structure (walls, ceiling, flooring etc) and 3D decor (furniture & finishes).

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