The Importance of Lighting in Real Estate Photography: Using Ambient Light and Flash for Professional Results

January 12, 2023 - 2 minutes read

As real estate, architectural, interior design and hospitality photographers, one of our main goals is to showcase a property in the best possible light. And while natural light can be beautiful and desirable, it can also be unpredictable and difficult to control. This is why we turn to a combination of ambient light and flash to achieve the best results.

Flash Photography Before Flash Photography After

Ambient light, also known as “available light,” is the natural light that is already present in a room or space. Using ambient light can help to create a sense of realism and warmth in photos, as it is the light that the property’s inhabitants would typically see and experience. However, ambient light can also be too dim or too harsh, making it necessary to supplement it with additional light sources.

Flash, also known as “artificial light” or “strobe light” is a powerful tool for controlling and shaping light in real estate photography. Using flash can help to fill in shadows, brighten dark areas, and add a sense of depth to our photos. Additionally, flash can be used to balance out the colour temperature of ambient light, ensuring that colours are accurately represented in our photos.

When used in combination, ambient light and flash can create a beautiful, balanced look in photos. By using ambient light to create a sense of realism and warmth, and flash to fill in shadows and brighten dark areas, we can create a sense of depth and dimension in our photos that will make the property look more inviting and attractive.

It’s also important to note that flash can be used creatively to enhance the property’s features. Such as highlighting architectural details, creating a sense of mood, or highlighting a unique feature of the property.

In conclusion, lighting is a crucial aspect of real estate photography, and mastering it can make all the difference in how photos are received. By understanding how to work with ambient light and flash, we can create stunning, well-lit photos that showcase a property in the best possible light and deliver professional results to our clients.